frequently asked questions

are you keeping them all?

absolutely not! only bongo.

so where do the other 4 go?

that's a good question (:


who is penelope?

the neighborhood is full of strays and sometime last year we noticed penelope hanging around. she wasn't here much but we loved her because she was tiny baby. a few months ago she popped back up and frequently visited, and eventually we let her walk around inside (this is not unusual for the neighborhood cats that trust us).

penelope soon gave birth to 5 kittens in our living room! the last 2 were a surprise but welcomed nonetheless. we are still trying to fatten her up post-partum - she's 5lbs as of september 3rd. this website serves as a place to document the very unique experience of helping a new cat mom raise her babies. in time, they will be put up for adoption and hopefully find a worthy household. penelope will remain one of the many cats that come to our porch for food and love; one of her kids, bongo, will also stay here with us.

the litter is currently in the back of my closet taking over my room